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The NCAA women’s lacrosse officiating website as designed and developed with ArbiterSports, assists in the NCAA efforts to manage, train, recruit, develop and communicate with collegiate lacrosse officials to positively affect the quality and consistency of officiating on a national basis as a central component of assuring a positive student-athlete experience through sportsmanship and overall quality of competition.

The principal goal of the online platform is to provide enhanced resources to the national program in meeting or exceeding its objectives. The program will support efforts to:

  • Provide officials with essential online resources which are easily accessible and simple to navigate
  • Disseminate training and educational materials, as well as other communication, in an effort to ensure officiating consistency and quality throughout collegiate lacrosse
  • Promote a uniform national approach to rules application and interpretation, mechanics and methods for dealing with on-field situations
  • Ensure consistent expectations and promote a higher level of accountability
  • Contribute to the overall quality of the student-athlete experience
  • Assist in the career development for collegiate lacrosse officials who desire to advance
  • Improve the recruiting process for lacrosse officials, providing a conduit for qualified candidates to be considered for advancement
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